How do I create a Brand Central account?

For new Richardson Pioneer accounts, contact Priscilla Hanley.
For new Richardson International accounts, contact Madeline Grant.

Please note, to order from the work wear portal on Brand Central, you will need to have your manager/supervisor confirm their approval of a new account for work wear purchases. They must provide key information including your start date, role, and outlined budget.

Where do I order my work wear?

Depending on your role, you may require a work wear uniform. You can order your work wear exclusively through the work wear portal.

What is the difference between a personal purchase and corporate purchase?

Upon check out, you will be directed to select from the following options:

Personal Purchase Select this option if you are buying merchandise from Brand Central with your own personal credit card. With limited edition merchandise now seasonally available, we encourage you to shop for yourself, representing the Richardson brand in daily life outside of work, too!

Please note: Ensure the billing address for the credit card you are using matches the billing address listed under the My Profile tab (located on the upper left hand corner of the website). All information under this tab can be easily edited.

Corporate Purchase Select this option if you are spending funds budgeted for and allocated by your supervisor. Next, choose your location from the drop down menu.

How do I place a custom or special order?

If you are unable to find the merchandise you need for a special event, contact Richardson Pioneer divisional office or head office Creative Communications.

How do I initiate a return?

If you require assistance initiating a return, contact Shippam & Associates Inc. customer service team at [email protected] or 1-800-733-7788.