Richardson Pioneer Screwdriver

Built to last, this mid-size, compact multi-bit screwdriver makes changing bits quick and easy. No moving parts to break and no compartments holding tiny loose bits means no more fumbling, dropping, or losing bits. You will find the bits you use most right at your fingertips. Storing a bit in the rear of the handle automatically ejects the next bit selected. The seven carefully selected power-bits are expertly hardened for long lasting durability. The sturdy aircraft alloy shank has a powerful internal magnet to hold bits firmly. The shank also features a hexagonal bolster to which a wrench can be applied to increase torque for stubborn screws. This mid-size model is easy to store in a kitchen drawer or glove compartment. The solid handle offers superior comfort, maximum torque, and impact resistance.

Richardson Pioneer imprinted on handle

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Price: $12.11